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Hello, welcome to the Glyn School Help Advice Reporting Page (SHARP) System.

At Glyn School the health and wellbeing of our students is our top priority.  A happy student is a student that will come to school and want to learn.  This website allows students and families to get further information on areas which may be impacting on their well being. If you do not want to speak to anyone straight away, reach out to us by filling out the SHARP report form. If you do not ask for help then nothing will change, we are here for you.

We will work together to help with any problems you may have in or out of school. You will find numerous links to support organisations, as well as further information on different areas, such as gangs, discrimination and knife crime.

If you wish to contact us, or make a report about someone else, you do not have to leave your details if you don't want to.

Please take the time to look through the pages and if you feel that you can help to keep our school a safe, friendly and fun place to be you can get in touch using the link.

This is a CONFIDENTIAL way to stop YOU or a FRIEND or SOMEONE you have seen SUFFERING.