If you are a young person and soley caring for yourself, or you help care for someone who has an illness, a disability, or is affected by mental ill-health or alcohol/substance misuse, we can help you. You might not realise that the jobs you are doing at home to support your family make you a Young Carer.  There are a lot of children that are doing the same thing and Action for Carers is a support organisation that can help you.  They can do this either through opportunities for you to have time outs or more tailored work through one on ones.  

If you are concerned or feel that you are in this situation and need support or just want to speak to fellow students at Glyn School that are in the same situation.  Please make a SHARP report and we can put you in touch with our Young Carers Club.

Additional information about Action for Carers can also be found through their website linked below:



Make Report